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About Mailbox Movies - The New Way to Rent DVDs

With over 27,000 DVD titles, Mailbox Movies offers one of the largest collections of DVD entertainment in Europe and has a stated goal to eventually stock every DVD published in Europe.

Mailbox Movies is powered by DVDs365, an efficient service and logistics operation, behind many of the leading UK DVD rental companies.

Great Value

Starting from £2.49 per week our members can rent unlimited DVDs, keep them for as long as they want and never pay late fees. With up to 3 DVDs out at once, free first class postage both ways and complete freedom to select any DVD from our expansive collection, our members are in complete control over what they want to watch and when they watch it. Whatís more, there is no commitment. A member can cancel at any time.

And Introducing DVDs365 Personalisation Technology (365

Mailbox Movies stock all the big blockbusters and new releases, however part of our goal is to introduce our members to movies they may otherwise miss. So, our movie loving boffins have created a unique personalization technology, simply known as 365, that searches our entire collection and recommends movies to suit each memberís individual taste. 365 will study your rentals and ratings and use that information to select and recommend DVDs for you to choose from.

Exclusive to Powered by DVDs365 operations....

Unlike the recommendations found on most Internet sites, 365 does not just recommend movies other people rented, these selections are chosen for your particular taste. Hey! It's like having a friend in the business who knows the movies you like, searches for them and delivers them to your door. How great is that?

Mailbox Movies Offers Movies and More

With over 27,000 selections and new releases added daily, members can:

  • Select movies from around the world
  • Write their own movie reviews
  • Access critic reviews
  • Read plot summary
  • Change their Rental Queue selections and priorities at any time.
  • Plus other tools to help them determine their selections

The Rental Queue

First, members create a personal list of all the movies and other DVDs they want to see, we call this list a Rental Queue. We then rush the first 3 DVDs to them (individually wrapped) by first class post. After enjoying a DVD, they simply mail it back to us in its pre-paid envelope and we then automatically send out the next movie on the list. It's that easy!

A Better Way!

Our "unlimited rental with no late fees, no due dates and no commitment" has eliminated the hassle involved in choosing, renting and returning movies.
Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

  • You subscribe to all the movie channels offered by your satellite company but still cannot get the movies you want to see
  • You're cleaning your child's room and you discover a 3-week old rental DVD with two weeks worth of late fees
  • You return an unwatched movie because you didn't have the time to view it and you want to avoid paying the high late fees;
  • You end up watching movies at inconvenient times so you can get the video back to the store on time
  • You can't find the movie you want at the store because it is a new release or a hard to find independent film
  • You park near the Rental store and rush in to pick up a movie only to return and find a parking ticket on your windscreen.

Mailbox Movies appeal is our ability to address these multiple "pain points" that exist when renting from traditional rental stores, while also offering a much richer and individualized selection experience than other solutions such as pay-per-view and video-on-demand.

Mailbox Movies provides customers with a personalized, low cost entertainment solution that gives them choice, convenience and above all, complete control.

You can try Mailbox Movies for FREE by clicking here.


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